Weekly Update – April Week 4: My Music Career

It all started when I was 6 years old. My dad decided to teach us all how to play piano, and I started with the really basic stuff (my first song only used two black keys). As the years have gone by, I’ve gotten better and better at the instrument, and I can say proudly that I am truly a well seasoned pianist.


Where it all started…

I’ve competed in festivals, competitions, and performed in many recitals. Each time, my skill has gotten better and better. Yet I needed something more. At the time, I wasn’t that interested in actually listening¬†to music. I just didn’t find the point, nothing was that interesting…

And that’s when I discovered dubstep.

I discovered Skrillex, and I loved the noise. The electronic flow felt soothing to me. The bass drops had me swinging my head to the beat. I loved it.


Skrillex, many thanks.

As I got into the brony community, I also discovered many artists who made electronic music, and not just necessarily dubstep. I loved their sounds, and soon enough, my iTunes library was stock-filled with their songs. I got so into it that I started to dream of making my own music. That dream came true about a month ago, when my dad decided to get me Ableton Live 7 and a midi keyboard. I was psyched. I immediately went to work learning the program, and I can say confidently that I have been productive with it.


One of the pinnacles of my life.

Since I learned the program, I made electronic music, and even looked up tutorials to do some tricky parts. Once I made some real songs, I put them on Youtube. One of them even got featured on another blog, and two days ago, I woke up with 25 subscribers and over 700 views!

I am thankful that I have been given what I have been given. Music is practically now my life.

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