I know that this meme is long dead, but better late than never, right? I didn’t see a video with the music video having goats screaming in it, so I figured, “why not”?

It was fairly easy to make, just take the music video and the clip of the goat, and merge them in iMovie. It’s not that hard to do.



So my friend showed me how to make these in After Effects, and I made more than I probably should have. They’re pretty much lines that bounce up and down to the beat of a song. Enjoy all eight!

Weekly Update: April Week 2 – My Bronydom

So it’s about time I started making a blog update. If you’ve read my About Me page, then you’ve probably seen that I like the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A lot of you would probably think that that wouldn’t be natural, however, that is not the case.

I am what people consider a brony. A brony is simply a teenage or young adult who likes the show. There are millions of us around the world who enjoy the show, and we’ve formed our own little community. A lot of the fandom has made lots of neat stuff, from T-shirts to fanart to music to fanfictions, and even full-length fan episodes!

For little girls? I don't think so.

For little girls? I don’t think so.

But why would we like a show made for little girls?

First off, the show was made by Lauren Faust, who in the past has created fantastic shows such as the Powerpuff Girls, and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. If you know that a show like this gets such a good developer, that it’s gonna be something. Also, the show has professional voice actors like Tara Strong, who has also worked on shows like Teen Titans, and John de Lancie, who played as Q in Star Trek. Star Trek. Episodes actually have interesting plotlines, and cameos and gags galore.

Yup. One and the same.

Yup. One and the same.

It’s also pretty amazing what the community can do. Conventions like Bronycon and Brony Fan Fair are held every year in the US. Fan made music and fanfiction are at an utmost level of professionalism. In fact, about 90% of my iTunes library is Brony music. It’s that good. Just this past month, they have released the first ever fully orchestrated, fully animated, fully voice acted fan made episode, and it is amazing.

Would you believe me if I told you that this has almost six million views on Youtube?

Would you believe me if I told you that this has almost six million views on Youtube?

Yes, we bronies get a lot of criticism, but we believe that it’s all worth it, and I’m proud to be a part of this community.

Here’s a stash of links for you to enjoy!

My Top 5 Brony Songs:

1. Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix): http://bit.ly/w9sR0P

2. Beyond Her Garden – WoodenToaster: http://bit.ly/pACs9C

3. Everypony’s Bangin’ – Silva Hound: http://bit.ly/14k4bsL

4. Diamond Dogs (Eurodirt Mix) – Odyssey Eurobeat: http://bit.ly/RZCNcd

5. She’s a Pony (Remix) – WoodenToaster: http://bit.ly/pQkgRn

My Top 5 Fanfictions:

1. Shipping and Handling – Pegasus Rescue Brigade: http://bit.ly/Znazte

2. Anthropology – JasonTheHuman: http://bit.ly/10VvRSj

3. A Brony’s Tale – InuKaT: http://bit.ly/MkY2Ew

4. My Little Dashie – ROBCakeran53: http://bit.ly/UbEjbg

5. Background Pony – shortskirtsandexplosions: http://bit.ly/ZprawX

That Fan Made Episode, Double Rainboom: http://bit.ly/169EZ6l

Equestria Daily: http://bit.ly/ez7GdZ