Scrapbook Pages

Here’s a contribution I made to a project for my Global Issues class, where we had to make a scrapbook comparing the lives of Americans to that of Indians. I was in charge of comparing aspects in relation to family structure, education, and entertainment. Here’s what I came up with in Photoshop.

page3 page2Scrapbook Family


Fake Facebook Banner

Yeah, so I don’t really have a Facebook page for this blog, but if I were to use my current Facebook for blog updates, it would look like this.


It’s kind of ironic, actually, now that Facebook has changed their profile format. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to start over.

Collage of Interests

I would have posted this earlier, but all this time it was lost. I would never have thought to look in the Pictures folder! Well, I finally found it, so here it is.

This is one of the first projects of the school year, where we used layer masking to make a collage of our different interests. I was a bigger gamer than I was back then, so feel free to see all the different interests I have.

My Interests Final